1. Students should arrive at the school 5 minutes before the firstbell. Action will be taken against regular late comers.Punctuality and regularity is a prime point to be practised atthe tender age in the school.
2. Students should be neat and clean in the school uniform.School uniform should not be used out of school hours.
3. All home work should be done regularly and well in order tokeep up with the regular teaching done in class.
4. Speaking in English is compulsory within the Schoolpremises.
5. Care should be taken for all School property. No studentshould scribble, scratch or damage school furniture, wallsand other articles used in the school. Negligence of the samewill be taken seriously.
6. Money should not be lent or borrowed. Same it the case withexchange of books, pens or other articles. These things shouldnot be exchanged or borrowed. The students should be taught,encouraged and trained to take care of and to be responsiblefor personal belongings. This will help the students not to getinto dishonest and illegal practices.
7. The school is not responsible for personal goods lost in theschool. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to theschool.
8. No leave of absence is granted except by a written applicationfrom parent and that too, only for serious reasons. Leaverecord page of the school diary should be duly signed by theclass teacher and principal.
9. Students are forbidden to leave the school premises duringschool hours without written permission from the Principal.No visitors are permitted to see the students during schoolhours.
10. No presents, gifts or things of any monetary value should begiven to teachers or to friends without the prior permissionfrom the Principal.
11. If there is infectious disease in your home please report thefact to the Principal at once and do not send your child to theschool till be period of infection has passed. A registeredMedical practitioner's certificate permitting attendance atschool should be produced when the student resumes classes.
12. Students are responsible to the school, authorities for theirconduct both in and out of school. Hence misbehaviour inpublic street and mode of transport is liable to incurpunishment or dismissal. Any breach of discipline,discourtesy and disrespect to teachers, elders or subordinateswill be taken seriously and the students responsible for suchmisbehaviour will be dismissed.


1. Promotion is granted on the basis of the performance of thewhole year and regularity in attendance, tests examinations,daily home works, assignments and other activities.
2. The promotion committee (concerned subject Teacher andPrincipal) together decide promotions.
3. Students absent from an examination for any reason are not re-examined in any case. However a medical certificate from aregistered medical practitioner is to be submitted forawarding a passing percentage, other than in the finalexamination.


1. Students detained in a particular class may be permitted torepeat the same class. Students of repeated failures may notbe allowed to repeat the class according to the discretion ofthe School authorities.
2. A student wanting to leave the School may get the neededcertificate from the School Office. An application for thesame stating the reason for Leaving has to be submitted by theparent only parents may apply for admission and withdrawal of their ward. Leaving certificate or other needed officialwork from the school office can be given or done only after 24hours.
3. Irregular attendance, habitual absence, acts of indiscipline,grave insubordination or any such indiscipline behaviour are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student.
4. Any student unable to follow classes, found guilty ofmalpractice in connection with tests and examinations, whois absent for more than 15 days without an application andwho failed to comply with the rules and regulations of theschool may be expelled permanently by the schoolauthorities.
5. Those failing to take leaving certificate within a month's timewill be asked to pay a month's fee when applying later for theleaving certificate.


1. For the overall development of a young student. School takeskeep interest in conducting various co-curricular activities.Parents are therefore requested to encourage, help andcooperate to see that their wards participate in all theactivities conducted by the school.
2. Participating in co-curricular activities help the students inqualities of sharing, caring, brotherhood, teamwork, service,leadership and openness to corrections apart form otherphysical aspects.


1. All fees are to be paid regularly as per the instruction given inthe beginning of everyacademic year.
2. All payments should be made in cash/cheque in the HDFCBank branch Sheoganj or through school app.
4. Fees should be deposited before 10th of the followingmonths, failing of which may cause penalty.
5. No student will be permitted to appear for examinations iffees and other dues are not cleared.


1. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your childmaximum cooperation between parents and schoolauthorities is required.
2. We earnestly recommend that parents should look into theirchild's school diary and see that home work assigned is doneand signed by you.
3. If you feel that your child does not make the desired progresspresent the problem at the parent-teacher meeting or contactthe Principal.
4. Parents are expected to cooperate with the staff and the schoolauthorities in enforcing regularity, discipline and goodstandard among the Students.
5. Parents/Guardians or any other person are not allowed to seethe students or interview their teachers during school hourswithout the written permission of the Principal. Staff shouldbe seen only with the prior permission from the Principal.
6. Criticism of your child's teachers in their presence is to bestrictly avoided. Such behaviour from your side brings indisrespect and lack of esteem for the teachers.
7. As your advances in age, knowledge and exposure to thesociety, kindly take care that you contribute to making yourchild a resourceful, responsible and useful member of home,society and country.